Monday, May 14, 2007

Praying for rains !!

Looks like the whole of Bangalore city agrees on one thing !! we need rains, plenty of it and fast !

The summer heat is getting unbearable and pampered Bangaloreans (wheather-wise) are wondering what happened to their beloved city. As much as we enjoy the gulmohars and the pink-violet flowers (I dont know their name) that adorn every other tree in Bangalore, we long to look at these flowers, rain drenched and waving in the gentle breeze...

Whats it about the rains that makes us smile, makes us remember the long summer days spent at "ajji's house" as kids, that heady smell of water drops on the hot earth...

To me, it brings bac the sweet memories of first love :) Please God, let there be rain !!

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